Meet Shawnda Bauer

I am passionate about helping people reach there full potential and live the most joyful life possible. I believe that this is completely possible by removing the mental and emotional blocks that get in our way. I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) a decade ago and have seen it work miracles, not only in my own life but countless others. Hypnotherapy is not only deeply relaxing it is also very powerful in creating dramatic shifts towards the life you desire.  Contact me today for  more information on how it can help you.   

Practice Areas


Habit Change

EFT can eliminated the root causes of highly charged negative emotions while hypnotherapy can reprogram your brain for a more  positive gentle approach to negative habits change. Both modalities can work extremaly well for things such as smoking cessation, weight loss, procrastination, productivity and much more.


Grief and Loss

There is a process to working through grief and loss, tools are available to soften its effects and help  work through the stages gently without getting stuck along the way.


EFT is a very useful tool Combining Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches by using brief talk therapy while tapping meridian points which serves as a very powerful way to over come traumatic life experiences which are generally the root cause of anxiety, depression and various other health issues.



Often the root cause of addiction lies in anxiety, stress and unprocessed trauma Hypnosis and EFT can help.


Trauma and Phobias 

Traumatic life events, whether it be from childhood, abusive relationships, combat or various other events in ones life, can often lead to bothersome memories, poor life choices, self sabotage, limiting ones joy, progress and fulfillment. Sometimes we don't even remember the the original traumatic event to be effected by it but the good news, you don't need to remember it to resolve it. Power therapies like Hypnosis and EFT are extremely effective at reducing and even eliminating the painful effects of trauma on ones  life.


Goals and Proformance

We don't alway know what is holding us back from reaching our full potential, often times we need a deep and powerful mindset shift and to detox from unhealthy negative unproductive thought patterns clearing the way for progress