Wellness Coaching

Whether you are working on Weight Loss, Habit Change, Stress and Anxiety etc. there is often a root cause of the unwanted feelings and behaviors. Wellness coaching utilizes tools that help you understand how to transform your life to its optimal state and begin right away. We don't always know what is holding us back from reaching our full potential, often times we need a deep and powerful mindset shift and to detox from unhealthy negative unproductive thought patterns. Sometimes we need a supportive guide to gently hold us accountable in the goals we seek.  Clearing unhealthy emotional blocks and reprograming your mind for success can lead the way for dramatic progress and greater fulfillment in life and in our relationships.

 Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

The use of hypnotherapy has been used successfully since the late 1800s

Hypnotherapy is a power tool to help you shift and progress your life as well as improve your health, wealth, spiritual growth and wellbeing. Safe and powerful because you are in control and you set the goals. The Transpersonal approach is a holistic approach to wellness, by addressing mind body wellness and spiritual balance one can experience deep healing and transformation.

Regression Therapies

Explore how life events, whether it be from your current experience or perhaps a past life can be affecting your current Health and well-being and learn how to resolve and move beyond. A powerful step in your healing journey could involve inner child work, Shadow Work and Past Life Regression Therapies.

Energy Psychology 

Energy Psychology is a cutting edge new approach to life improvements, mental health and holistic balance.  Utilizing eastern approaches to mind, body wellness. The meridian system and the Chakra system combined with western psychology ideas has been proven to show powerful transformation and shift in a persons mental and physical health.  EFT and several other energy healing techniques is a very useful tool Combining Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches by using brief talk therapy while tapping meridian points which serves as potentially  powerful way to over come traumatic life experiences which are generally the root cause of anxiousness, sadness and various other health and wellness issues.

My Approach

A Transpersonal approach to wellness is one that looks at a person as a whole, Mind, Body and Spirit. Careful consideration into where you are currently at and where you would like to be, together we discover the path that best leads you to wellness in all areas of your life. EFT can eliminated the root causes of highly charged negative emotions while hypnotherapy can reprogram your brain for a more  positive gentle approach to negative habits change. Both modalities can work extremely well for things such as smoking cessation, weight loss, procrastination, productivity, success, abundance and much more. 


There can be a great amount of grief and loss experienced in the process of life. There is a process to working through grief and loss, tools are available to soften its effects and help  working through the stages gently without getting stuck along the way. Feel Better Now by releasing pain, sorrow and heart break in a gentle effective way, combining energy work, subconscious intervention, and powerful mindset shifts, these  can help ease the intensity of emotional pain experienced in the grieving and growth process of life.


Often the root cause of addiction lies in anxiety, stress and sadness, memories and challenging life experiences.   Traumatic events experienced in Childhood, abusive relationships, accidents, Combat and so much more.  EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meridian Tapping and Hypnotherapy can help tremendously! Unresolved Traumatic memories can often lead to bothersome haunting memories, triggers, poor life choices, self sabotage, limiting ones joy, progress and fulfillment, Health Conditions, addictions and so much more. Sometimes we don't even remember the the original traumatic event to be effected by it but the good news, you don't need to remember it to resolve it. Power therapies like Hypnosis, EFT and other energy psychology techniques have the potential to be extremely effective at reducing and resolving the negative effects of  


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