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I am passionate about helping you reach your full potential and live the most joyful and fulfilling life possible! By working to uncover the roots of your emotional distress, I help support positive growth and transformation in alignment with your personal goals. By utilizing a blend of healing techniques such as Emotional Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Energy Psychology and Transformational Hypnotherapy, we will work together to harmoniously balance your mind, body and spirit and discover the appropriate path that leads you towards achieving wellness. My training and certifications allow me to customize your session and allow you to achieve your goals in a relatively short amount of time. You can feel better now by directing your own healing in a safe, non judgement environment with a compassionate and caring healer. 

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 With my Gentle approach I utilize a blend of power healing tools such as Transformational Hypnotherapy, Vibrational Sound Healing, Emotional Wellness Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques and other Energy Psychology tools, to create a holistic approach to emotional balance and wellness. These powerful tools blended together can potentially bring about powerful shifts in ones life and well-being by gently assisting you to releasing painful memories and trapped emotions that can be the root cause of anxious thoughts, self sabotage, lack of motivation, deep sadness, confusion, unfulfillment in relationships and life. Relief from unhealthy thought patterns and shift in mindset can bring about progress towards a brighter more joyful future.  I provide one on one sessions in my office and on Zoom.  I also do group guided meditations and workshops available at various venues, your home, office or class room. Please contact me for more information. 


Relationship Recovery

Divorce Support

Relationship Healing

Thriving Relationship Coaching. 

Weight loss
Smoking cessation
Habit change (e.g. procrastination, addiction etc)
Overcoming blocks to success, abundance and joy
PTS from combat, childhood, relationships and sexual Trauma

Co-dependency, Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse

Grief, Loss, Heart Break
Spiritual growth
Emotional Balancing
Creative blocks

Financial Trauma 
Self-sabotaging actions and thoughts
Inner-child wounds

Shadow Work

Past Life Regression

Areas of Focus



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Brooke  L.

Shawnda Helped me  find comfort, confidence and clarity in the aftermath of a painful divorce.

Image by Edward Cisneros

Carrie L.

Working With Shawnda has Changed my life for the better!

Smiling Woman

Dani J.

Shawnda is amazing, her work  is gentle but i feel a million times better.

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520-477-2803 call or Text for faster reply.

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Emotional Wellness Coaching   Transformational Hypnotherapy    Energy Psychology    Somatic Therapies      Relationship Coaching 

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