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Discounts available for packages and programs

90 min Healing Session (most Popular)


60 Min Session

 EFT mini
Session (online) 30min


Couples  Session

Past Life Regression Session 90min-120min

$222 (if no prior Hypnotherapy sessions, this price includes two sessions, one primer and one regression. If you have gone to one of my past life events or are an established client with previous sessions contact me for the rate of just one indepth regression session)

Healing Programs
starting at $555

(payment plans available)

Healing Programs are a series of sessions combining energy psychology, subconscious interventions like transformational hypnotherapy, inner child wound healing, shadow work integration, Somatic processing, soul retrieval, past life resolution and more.  Each program is custom designed and sequenced to your specific needs because everyone is unique. Custom programs are designed for the most effective resolution of your distress and goals, Programs are designed specifically for Divorce/breakup recovery, healing from emotional and narcissistic abuse, PTSD, Burnout, Weigh loss, Habit changes, addiction and sobriety support. Careful attention is given to helping you find your strength, direction and hope again. 


Healing Programs are the most effective and the best value because there is a structured. This creates consistency allowing the work to create deep transformation.

Veteran, First Responder and there Spouses discounts available 

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